23rd May 2019

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Residential Realities
Home price growth is slowing, housing inventories are tight, and a market correction is possible. And while appraisers working in the residential real estate sector say these trends can apply throughout the U.S., they note the reality is more nuanced: Each market essentially is local and has its own dynamics. 

Better Together?
The backbone of the valuation profession historically has been small, local shops run by hardworking entrepreneurs. Recently, the profession has moved in a different direction as a wave of consolidation has created larger industry players.
 Strong Vital Signs
Health care is one of the hottest real estate sectors right now, but in terms of valuation, it’s also one of the most complex. Aging baby boomers and an increase in the number of insured individuals are among the drivers pushing demand for new health care facilities.
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First Quarter 2019 Valuation digital edition.

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