25th May 2019

AI, Freddie Mac to Teach Valuation of Manufactured Homes

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Appraising manufactured homes has its challenges. This new training course helps address them. 

A new generation of high-quality, factory-built homes is providing a popular alternative in affordable housing to millions of Americans. And Freddie Mac is making financing certain manufactured homes possible through its CHOICEHomeSM program. The program will also make it easier for appraisers to value manufactured homes by allowing valuation professionals the use of site-built homes as comparable sales where there is no CHOICEHome sales available to compare. 

Learn more about CHOICEHome and how to: 

  • Identify the multiple types of factory-built housing
  • Recognize their distinctive construction qualities 
  • Understand the specific secondary market appraisal requirements of Freddie Mac and other related government entities
  • Develop an overall quality rating for manufactured homes using the Manufactured Home Quality Rating Worksheet (New!) 
  • And more …

Read the complete course description here! 

Freddie Mac and the Appraisal Institute will offer more than 60 educational opportunities in classroom settings in nearly 30 states (including our initial courses listed above) through November; online classes also will be offered. To receive updates on our manufactured home courses, email us at info@appraisalinstitute.org.

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