11th December 2020

Help Jan Bellas of the AGA

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As most are well aware Jan Bellas is a very important executive member of the AGA.  She works tirelessly for our members to help get them the results they need without a great deal of compensation for her efforts.  

Recently Jan suffered the loss of her husband due to Covid and cancer.  With that loss, comes the financial burden associated with it as well as having to take time off from performing her duties  at the AGA for all members.   

I am starting this fundraiser in the hopes that we all can give back and help Jan get through these trying times.   Jan fights very hard for all of our members, she puts in a great deal of time and energy into all cases that come before her and she does it because she cares about the profession and appraisers. 

Let’s show Jan some of that same support and care she gives to all of us by helping her during her time of need.  

Thank you for your support. 

Mark J Skapinetz. President AGA.  

~ even though their goal has been met, please continue to help! ~ Bryan


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