21st September 2010

Landsafe is hiring Staff Appraisers!!!!

Landsafe is Hiring Staff Appraisers

As you know, working for landsafe can be an appraisers dream job. I know when I became a fee appraiser for landsafe, my appraiser income almost doubled. Not only do they have realistic turn times in my area, but they pay great fees in my area. I have tried many times to become a staff appraiser for landsafe, but my area is usually not taking new applicants.

If you cover any of the areas below, make sure to apply!!! I do not know what they pay their staff appraisers, but to compete with their fee appraisers, I can only imagine staff appraisers are making more.

Good luck and please give me any feedback on your luck applying!!!

Join Bank Of America; LandSafe Employment Opportunity – now hiring for Staff Appraiser positions

LandSafe Appraisal Services Inc. is experiencing tremendous growth and our growth means exciting opportunities for you! We are currently looking for full time Residential Appraisers’ in the following markets:

Las Vegas, NV Atlantic City, NJ
Atlanta, GA Washington, DC
Detroit, MI Bakersfield, CA
Rochester, NY Ft Bend, TX
Big Island, HI Honolulu, HI
Maui, HI Baton Rouge, LA
Naples, FL Bend, OR
Charlotte, NC Raleigh, NC
Wilmington, NC Fayetteville, NC
Portland, ME Hartford, CT
Boise, ID York, PA
Pittsburg, PA Manhattan, NY

We want the appraisal industry’s elite; appraisers with an unparalleled reputation for service and integrity just like ours.

When you join LandSafe as a full time Residential Appraiser, you’ll enjoy the freedom of working from home, a competitive compensation plan that recognizes your efforts, reimbursement for licensing and continuing education expenses, organizational support, and the availability of a consistent volume of work. In addition, becoming part of the LandSafe family offers growth opportunities, professional and technical support, and technology advantages you would expect from an industry leader.

The position does require State Certification for the state(s) in which assignments are undertaken and at least 5 years appraisal experience is preferred. We are looking for professional appraisers who understand that the quality and credibility of our appraisal reports is paramount, who can complete simple and complex assignments, and who possess a thorough understanding of industry standards, FNMA, FHLMC, HUD and investor guidelines.

By joining our team of appraisal experts, you can feel confident that you will be part of a premier Closing Services organization.
If you are interested, please submit your resume to the position of interest online at http://careers.bankofamerica.com/overview/overview.asp as the ones that are still open are posted.

Appraiser Websites – 5 websites for only $100

Search for San Diego Appraisers and you will see that we are #1! The key is to get proper links from appraisal related and real estate related websites. This will greatly influence your search engine rankings.

Estate work for divorce & bankruptcy are at an all time high, but you will never get the work without a top ranking website. I have made over $8,000 over past 2 months doing estate work. Estate work is the way to go, but you have to rank in the search engines to get it.

Right now I am offering to build and host 5 completely different websites, each targeting a different city or county for only $100 a month.

It is very difficult to rank for NEW YORK APPRAISER, but you might rank well for MANHATTAN APPRAISAL, MANHATTAN APPRAISAL, LONG ISLAND APPRAISER, etc… By targeting different cities or communities that you already cover, you will get more internet orders.

If you don’t understand what I am talking about, please give me a call or visit http://www.appraiserwebsites.net for more info!


2010 Appraisal Management Company Directory

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Why our list is better than the others:
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4. We email our customers with new companies when added.
5. Top techniques to generate more revenue in Full Version.
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7. Appraiser Marketing Guide included with Full Version.

If you are interested in ordering, please visit http://www.appraisalmanagementcompanies.org or call me at 858-232-3348.

Thanks again!

Bryan Knowlton

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