14th February 2012

ES Appraisal Services – Evalonline.com Not Paying Appraisers

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It has come to my attention that ES Appraisal Services / Evalonline.com is not paying appraisers. The story has been the same in all cases.

[UPDATE 01/30/2013] – Bankruptcy and stiffs appraisers of over 9 Million! Read the article here: http://appraiserincome.com/2013/01/30/evaluation-solutions-es-appraisal-services-stiffs-appraisers-of-9349612-79/

[UPDATE 12/20/2012] – Due to unforeseen circumstances Evaluation Solutions, ES Appraisal Services is ceasing operations. Any inquires should be directed to :

Bradley R. Markey
Stutsman Thames & Markey, P.A.
50 N. Laura Street, Suite 1600
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
(904) 358-4000
(904) 358-4001 (Facsimile)

FOR MORE INFO: http://appraiserincome.com/2012/12/20/evaluation-solutions-es-appraisal-services-is-ceasing-operations-another-appraisersloft-amc-story/

[UPDATE 12/21/2012] – You can also try sending your CHASE invoices to: accounts.payable.research.team@jpmchase.com this is for chase only.

After a while, and numerous past due invoices, contact is made by the appraiser regarding the past due status of invoices. After that point, emails are received stating the profile has been updated and a check should be received in 2-3 business days.

They still send out numerous email requests, so they appear to doing quite a lot of work, but if they aren’t paying, they might be going the route of AppraiserLoft. I would be very careful doing any further work with them until they fix their payment issues.

Other appraisers, please comment below regarding the status of your payments received from this company and if you have any problems receiving payment.

This seems to have started in December.

When I attempted to contact them regarding this issue, I was forwarded to voice mail for ‘Tiffany’. I also sent them a few emails regarding my post, so hopefully something will get resolved soon.

I will post an update on how to get paid asap.

UPDATE: 06/27/2012
I am still hearing plenty of problems with them, but check out the link below about factoring if your invoices are not too old.

They are not calling me anymore, but not sure if it is because of my messages here or turning down all work. I have emailed the initial blog post to everyone in their company hoping for a follow up, but they never emailed me back.

UPDATE: 06/13/2012
Still not paying appraisers. Be very careful and look in to factoring your current invoices with them: http://appraiserincome.com/2012/06/12/getting-paid-in-1-day-vs-30-60-90-or-never/

UPDATE: 05/21/2012
Appraisers are still emailing me daily about large open invoices and not getting paid. I would be very careful about doing work with them.

I currently turn down all their offers for work because of this and they call me almost daily.

UPDATE: 02/15/2012
I just got off the phone with Lori @ Es Appraisal and she stated they pay for all their appraisals, but there sometimes might be a delay on payments.

They run their checks once a month, usually on the work 30 days since submitted. This can sometimes result in delays on some payments being received for delivered appraisals. But with many appraisers comments below, it sounds like there are numerous appraisers experiencing payment problems.

Make sure to check your profile, confirm the address on your W9 is where checks should be mailed and update with a new W9 if needed.

Lori also stated you can email her directly with your account information, including your sign-up email and she will look in to it and contact accounting. Email her at lcarter@evalonline.net

[UPDATE 12/20/2012] – Due to unforeseen circumstances Evaluation Solutions, ES Appraisal Services is ceasing operations. Any inquires should be directed to :

Bradley R. Markey
Stutsman Thames & Markey, P.A.
50 N. Laura Street, Suite 1600
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
(904) 358-4000
(904) 358-4001 (Facsimile)

FOR MORE INFO: http://appraiserincome.com/2012/12/20/evaluation-solutions-es-appraisal-services-is-ceasing-operations-another-appraisersloft-amc-story/

You can also try sending your CHASE invoices to: accounts.payable.research.team@jpmchase.com this is for chase only.

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  1. 1 /*On February 14th, 2012*/, Rob Case said:

    I have been in touch wth on a continual basis since my last payment on 12/09/2011. I have not been able to talk with anyone in a/p. I have received the email saying that a check is processed and will be sent out in 2 business days…

  2. 2 /*On February 14th, 2012*/, John LaScala said:

    I have had a similar experience recently with a company named Real Estate Transactions, Inc.
    I have been sending them invoices right along and have yet to receive a check from them ( since November ).
    I have attempted to contact their “accounting” department on numerous occasions but never get a response.
    All of the work I did for them was for the same Lender so I have contacted them for payment. I am fighting that battle right now. My intent was for the Lender to shake the tree of their Agent and get them to pay me. Hope this does some damage to them.

  3. 3 /*On February 14th, 2012*/, Retired Appraiser said:

    How or why you support ANY AMC is beyond me. Do they pay your that well to advertise?

  4. 4 /*On February 15th, 2012*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Support any AMC? Paying to advertise?

    I am not sure what you are talking about. Thanks!


  5. 5 /*On February 15th, 2012*/, Richard Bronstein said:

    they do not respond to statements or calls. One invoice is over 1 year old.

  6. 6 /*On February 15th, 2012*/, Appraiser wanting OWED $$$$$$$ from Evalonline said:

    I am still trying to collect on 10 invoices from Nov.16th-30th, 2011. It’s a constant run around. If you are LUCKY enough to get someone on the phone, they say the same thing, “We have no phone number for accounting, all we can do is send an email….AND I can see on the screen the UNPAID INVOICES owed to your Company and that THIS ISSUE was noted two weeks ago by Tara, Larry, Stephanie,Dennis, etc…”

  7. 7 /*On February 15th, 2012*/, Ted in Texas said:

    I have had no problems getting regular payment from Evalonline; the work I did in December was actually paid today. That was a little slower than the past, but I figured that they were behind from getting out 1099s last month.

  8. 8 /*On February 15th, 2012*/, Chuck Knight said:

    What about Valuefinders Appraiser Connect. They have owed me over 1,000 Dollars since October and I was told today the 15th of February that the check is going to be mailed today( third time they have said this) but I can’t deposit until Friday or it will be insufficient. Please see if any others are having problems.

  9. 9 /*On February 15th, 2012*/, Scott Asbjornsen said:

    Boycott them. We are becoming scarce, and once that happens, all of the second rate companies can be pushed out, and with fewer companies competing, there will be higher fees.

  10. 10 /*On February 15th, 2012*/, PHIL C. said:


  11. 11 /*On February 15th, 2012*/, Buhls said:

    If they are still sending you orders…take the orders, do the inspections, type the reports and….dont send them in. When they call for the report, let them know that when the Fedex package with your check arrives, the report will be sent (This actually worked with Appraiserloft). Contact everybody on the order that they sent to you and let them know that you have not been paid and you wont stop your efforts to collect until you do get paid. Contact the lender, Loan officer, underwriter, borrower, etc. Worst case scenario: Let the borrower know that you intend on placing a lien on their home, this may prompt them to contact their loan officer and get the ball rolling. IF all else fails, send Guido to their office to settle the matter old school. I utilized the method of contacting Everybody involved (just like attorneys sue Everybody involved) with Appraiserloft and got paid from that POS outfit. If it worked on them, it should work on these folks. Just get handled before they go BK. I warned some of my appraiser friends about Appraiser Loft, and they still got burned. Good luck.

  12. 12 /*On February 16th, 2012*/, Ted in Texas said:

    Easy for a retired appraiser to question why a working appraiser uses AMC’s; things have changed, baby!!!

  13. 13 /*On February 16th, 2012*/, M. Rondon said:

    They owe me back from December 2011 and still can’t get any answers. They owe me over $3,000 dollars.
    They are not returning my calls. Does anyone have a contact there?

  14. 14 /*On February 16th, 2012*/, Tom Stanton said:

    Finally, I got a check today from ES Appraisal. This was for work completed 60-90+ days ago. They still owe me for work I did 30 days ago. Check was dated Jan. 27th. So they held onto it for a almost 3 weeks. They told me it was mailed weeks ago. I am releived to be paid. But this was a very stressful experience. I think it is best to follow Bryan’s advice, and sign up with many AMC’s and not bill too much with any of them. Thanks Bryan!

  15. 15 /*On February 17th, 2012*/, Unpaid in Ohio said:

    I keep getting the “We will forward your request to accounting and you should have a response in 3 – 5days.” That was 3 months ago. They called with more orders but I told them, no money – no work. They haven’t called back.

  16. 16 /*On February 17th, 2012*/, Mike S said:

    I,like the rest of you have been waiting on payments from ES appraisals. I actually do alot of work for them. At first it took awhile to start getting checks, everything was paid about 45-60 days behind. I’m fine with that if it is on a consistent basis. Most recently i have not recieved a check in some time but have been assured that it is on the way. I dont know why but it takes about 1-2 weeks after the original email is sent for the check to arrive. it is very nerve wracking and i wish they would fix this. I do believe that this most recent delay has to do with 1099’s being sent out,still no excuse but whatever. I will keep you all updated when i recieve my next check

  17. 17 /*On February 17th, 2012*/, Rob Case said:

    Received checks yesterday dated 01/27 and 02/03 – both are postmarked 02/13. According to Lori Carter I still have 1 check dated 02/13 that is being processed.
    If anyone else needs help contact Lori by either phone (voicemail of course) or via email. She does respond.

  18. 18 /*On February 18th, 2012*/, John Center said:

    I completed one appraisal for evalonline/ES and gave up getting paid for it after 6 months…They still send requests daily and they are now directly sent to my spam folder. We learned the hard way after AppraiserLoft sent us a check and 2 weeks later it bounced. Anyone do work for Pinnacle Appraisal Group? We are still waiting on payment from November.

  19. 19 /*On February 19th, 2012*/, Tammie Daughety said:

    You say contact Lori Carter and I see her email address….do you have a direct phone number for her?

  20. 20 /*On February 22nd, 2012*/, Hillside Appraisal said:

    I just followed up on 8 outstanding invoices, two were from December. Three more are not yet due from Feb. Thanks for the heads up and I’ll let you know once I’m paid.

  21. 21 /*On February 23rd, 2012*/, Mike S said:

    received two checks this past past tuesday.both postmarked 02/03.

  22. 22 /*On February 27th, 2012*/, nicole beimers said:

    I received an email noticfacation that I would receive a check in two business days on 2/10 and still no check there is no reason for amc’s not to pay on time or within 30 days they are collecting the invoices before we even go out to the homes

  23. 23 /*On February 27th, 2012*/, Todd L. said:

    I’m waiting for payment on a commercial assignment. When they want something, they’ll call you after hours, on Saturday, anytime. When you call them for payment, you’ll get no one. This has been a stinky experience for me. Worst in 33 years.

  24. 24 /*On February 28th, 2012*/, Richard Greco said:

    For what ever it is worth, will be flying down to Jacksonville to file civil action for the collection of outstand fess against ES Appraisals, Evaluation Solutions and WAMU/Chase as well as filing complaints with every state they hold an AMC Registration. Anyone interested in joining call me at 718-518-8588.

  25. 25 /*On February 28th, 2012*/, Richard Greco said:

    Watch the razzle dazzle game they play by sending you a check with a partial list of assignments they claim they are paying. Then they give you an excuse they will send you a complete list only to confuse and try to con you you were paid from a check with a partial list for those still outstanding. Document all your calls and emails. There is no doubt this company will have to learn the hard way and that is for everyone to contact the Attorney General of Florida to investigate what they have done with monies received for payments of appraisals possible violation of fiduciary trust. Maybe IRS enforcement should look into their accounting procedures!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26 /*On February 28th, 2012*/, Richard Greco said:

    Continued also possible violations of PL 111-203, Dodd-Frank.

  27. 27 /*On February 28th, 2012*/, Richard Greco said:

    This response was received within 20 minutes of my letter today (02/28/2012) advising MY NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE: It came from vendorinquiry@evalonline.net

    Thank you for contacting Evaluation Solutions,
    Your email has been received and is being researched by the Accounts Payable

    As a reminder, please ensure that your online W-9 is complete and mailing
    address is correct. You can access this information in our website under your
    agent profile.

    Thank you,
    Evaluation Solutions

    This message is from eValuation Solutions, LLC. This message and any
    attachments may contain legally privileged or confidential information,
    and are intended only for the individual or entity identified above as
    the addressee. If you are not the addressee, or if this message has
    been addressed to you in error, you are not authorized to read, copy, or
    distribute this message and any attachments, and we ask that you please
    delete this message and attachments (including all copies) and notify
    the sender by return e-mail or by phone at 904-288-2004. Delivery of
    this message and any attachments to any person other than the intended
    recipient(s) is not intended in any way to waive confidentiality or a
    privilege. All messages may not be copied or distributed without this

  28. 28 /*On February 29th, 2012*/, HCL & ASSOCIATES said:


  29. 29 /*On March 8th, 2012*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I would contact the lender you were doing the report for. Try giving them a call. Also try to find out who is in charge.



  30. 30 /*On March 5th, 2012*/, D.B said:

    I am still trying to collect from this company for appraisals completed last year. They keep you on the line by paying random appraisals,once a month-(maybe). Lately they have not been paying-something is up….Have just sent emails provided by fellow appraisers so we will see

  31. 31 /*On March 8th, 2012*/, Charles Thomas said:

    a little tidbit buried in a “letter of engagement” today from ES Appraisal.. READ those things..

    Copyright Assignment: Under your obligations for your appraisal services, you will be required to submit to ES Appraisal Services certain information or material, including without limitation, text, data, information, photographs, or other material. By accepting an order, you grant to ES Appraisal Services the exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide right and license to exercise all copyright rights in and to all Submitted Material, including, without limitation, the right and license to copy, display, distribute, sell, offer for sale, and otherwise exploit all such Submitted Material at the sole discretion of ES Appraisal Services.
    needless to say I did NOT agree to be EXPLOITED! no matter what the fee, .. I am the author of my work and therefore I can dictate the copyright..in fact I havea stament included to that effect in every appraisal… that is my humble opinion

  32. 32 /*On March 10th, 2012*/, Todd said:

    Still waiting for payment on a commercial assignment from 2 months ago. They do not want to hear from you when you want to get paid, that’s for sure.

  33. 33 /*On March 11th, 2012*/, Sherman D. Little, SRA, SRPA said:

    My thanks to all who contributed and special thanks to Richard Greco for the above comments,about ES Appraisal Services. You saved me some headache. I recieved an assignment from them, made the inspection of the condemned property and then read this web page. After seeing the difficulty in getting paid I said pay up front or transfer the assignment. They told me they can’t pay up front, but they are getting better at paying. I find that difficult to believe based on your comments, some as late as this week, so I told them to reassign and take me off their list. I deal with other good management companies that pay as they should and don’t have to deal with those who don’t. As you all know, there is too much work in an appraisal,to not to get paid for it. They even called me for another assignment today(Sunday), while I was typing this. Of course, I said I’ll pass.

  34. 34 /*On March 16th, 2012*/, Mike S said:

    just recieved another check this week, around monday or tuesday. it came about month to the day from the last one. it appears they are paying better, for me anyway, but still looks like there are a few problems. I hope everyone the best in collecting all their unpaid appraisals.

  35. 35 /*On March 17th, 2012*/, Appraiser said:

    I am in the same situation as the above mentioned appraisers. We have tanken on appraisal requests, completed and have not received any payments on a large percentage of our reports. Our office has contacted ES Appraisals and the only way thru accounts payable is thru email. Also they will say you didn’t complete the full assignment and only distribute 50% of you agreed fee. I would recommend to other appraisers not to engage in any appraisal requests for this company.

  36. 36 /*On March 25th, 2012*/, Christi B said:

    I just received an order last week, did the inspection today and then read these stories. I assume it is in my best interest to cancel this before I go any further? Any suggestions?

  37. 37 /*On March 27th, 2012*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I have received my payments. I would probably do it and just make sure to watch to make sure payment is made within 45 days.


  38. 38 /*On March 28th, 2012*/, Mike said:

    It’s nice to see someone got payed. They still owe me on appraisals I did in late December through February .
    I have not received any responses from accounting.
    Whats next?

  39. 39 /*On March 30th, 2012*/, Rob Case said:

    Well it appears that ES Appraisal is up to the old tricks again, it has been over 6 weeks since the last payment. I have left voicemail and emails for Lori Carter but with no response. I have 1 current order with them that I holding as “leverage” until I at least get a call back or email.

  40. 40 /*On April 2nd, 2012*/, SALVO said:

    Our ‘Yours truly” EG Cuomo made all this possible. Heimpemented the HVCC rule and forced bankers to utilize AMC without dilegenly thinking thru negative consequences it would have on the industry.This is the guy we hire for ET? Now appraisers and homeowners are paying for his irresponsible act. Fact is, AMC were given this free winning lotto ticket by the govt and we can write, complain, submit to their unreasonable low ripoff fees, give up 1/2 of our salaries all we want, but, nothing will change unless 1.the govt reverses this rules and small time brokers come back into play. 2. appraisers work together to stop small time and desperate appraisers from accepting lowball unreasonable fees. 3. demand becomes overwelming to supply.

  41. 41 /*On April 2nd, 2012*/, Liliana said:

    I encountered the same problem, E S Appraisals ( Evaluonline.com)( Evaluation Solutions) is running a SCAM for years, they order Appraisals and after you deliver the report no one picks up the phone or return calls or emails , they remove the order from the Portal as if it never happened.
    They need to be stopped, if you have a similar problem with ES Appraisal Services or the other names they go by, not paying your Appraisal Fees call me to sue them and the Banks they are working with. 305-262-7191

  42. 42 /*On April 2nd, 2012*/, Maureen said:

    Great to see appraisers with the same issues I am having…up to this point, I only found real estate agents talking about unpaid BPO’s. I was told by ES that appraisers are their bread and butter and as such, we are treated better and paid quickly!! Yep, I fell for it…As of today, April 2nd 2012, they owe me over $3500 from orders dating back to the end of December through March. When I first started them, the pay was really slow..then it got better for a while, and now, really bad again. My problem is, I do a lot of work for them, so it’s a Catch 22. I have sent 4 emails in the last 2 weeks and have been ignored..but, called all day, every day for status on my orders.
    I sent an email to the CEO, COO and one other that I am now forgetting..they are all supposedly based in Jacksonville or near…just got a phone call from Lorie Carter a few minutes ago, a check is on the way….we’ll see. Meanwhile, I’m looking for other high volume work…can’t do this anymore.

  43. 43 /*On April 3rd, 2012*/, Marianne Reed said:

    I have been paid in the past, but nothing in the past two months.Please post how to get paid as I have several invoices past due 30 days.
    Thank you for your post and updates.
    Marianne Reed

  44. 44 /*On April 3rd, 2012*/, Appraiser said:

    Has anyone ever had an order disappear off the register of orders after you completed the work? Their phone mannerism is less than professional, and the Sunday morning calls to check on an order or see if you are available is beyond inappropriate…after reading these posts I am now worried. There is a link that I ran across for collecting AMC debt in WorkingRE “Success Collecting AMC Debt from Lender” The majority of work I received from ES Appraisals has WashingtonMUtual as a client and is for bidding purposes.

  45. 45 /*On April 3rd, 2012*/, Appraiser said:

    forgot the link re #38 http://www.workingre.com/workingre/Collecting-AMC-Debt-from-Lender-page.html

  46. 46 /*On April 5th, 2012*/, Mike said:

    Guess I should have read this a few weeks ago. I received an order from them last week. They paid well for it, will they pay for it? Another Company that plays the same games is REM corp for liquidation appraisals. They on the other hand dont pay well and when you do get a decent order for a decent fee its 90 days to get paid. Famous lines “that check was cut last week it is probably getting sent out in the next day or two.” Yeah pull this leg and it plays Jingle Bells!!

  47. 47 /*On April 6th, 2012*/, Todd said:

    It’s amazing…..I’m still waiting for payment on a commercial assignment from January. They NEVER call you back when you call them for payment. A couple of times, I got a call from them to do another appraisal. Each time I told the girl calling, “I’m not doing anything for you until you pay me.” The first time, the girl told me she would get me paid, and to call her if I didn’t receive a check in a week. Well, no check in a week, and guess what? When I called the girl, I got her voice mail and she NEVER returned my calls, or emails. I got another call today to do an appraisal. I told this girl the same thing. Pay me. Then she hit me with, “oh, that assignment was canceled”. I told her “no, I completed it and sent it, and a week later I was asked to prepare an addendum about zoning, so, no, it was never canceled.” What a scamming bunch of liars.

  48. 48 /*On April 6th, 2012*/, EmJay said:

    Update on the fabulous, professional payment policy of ES….”Your larger check that covers December, January and February will be there anyday; it was mailed out no later than Tuesday. We really mean it this time!”… check is coming from Florida to another east coast state, apparently that takes more than 3 days I guess…NOT!!!!!!!!”
    Beyond fed up with this Mickey Mouse operation..am now charging them a $5 late fee per file and per day late..that will add up to a lot and fast. Lesson learned, never put all your appraisal eggs in 1 basket, no matter how much work they give you….

  49. 49 /*On April 10th, 2012*/, Appraise FL said:

    Honestly I am a bit shocked at all the bitching here, I have been doing appraisals for the company for about 2 years now, and YES sometimes payment is a little slow, but I do get paid. Dont get me wrong, in my first year I was skeptical, but it became to clear to me, the people that are are on this site complaint are the ones that do not complete work on time and quality is poor. Quite funny, because I am willin to bet 95% of you probably don’t get calls anymore to do work

  50. 50 /*On April 11th, 2012*/, Appraiser said:

    Todd, have a similar scenario going on with ES. Had a 16,000sf + 6,500sf finished basment single family home on 3+ acres that I charged ES/Washington Mutual $1,200 for. They could not find anyone to do it and I charged that much because I really didn’t want it. They needed 2 appraisals which I completed one. The values were way off from each other and since the other appraiser turned his in first they said my value was no good and that I needed to explain why the other appraisers comps were no good (which I threw together a blanket statement and told them I am not here to show the other appraiser how to write up a report). 2 of the comps I actually utilized myself. There was a huge external obsolescence factor for over taxation plus very large location adjustments with the closest comp 18 miles away. Pretty sure the other appraiser missed the taxation adjustment. The review appraiser didn’t understand the complexity factors (rooky). Did I mention the other appraiser went through the house and grounds in 35 minutes(that includes getting in and out of the car). I can’t imagine the quality of that appraisal. They pulled the file and said I would not be paid unless the values were closer together because they can’t use 2 appraisals so far apart in value. That’s were it hit the fan. 2 days later they call me ordering an appraisal with the same address. I told them I already did that one and to make this long story shorter, ES pulls the files and reorder through someone else and leave you in the wind. I am meeting my appraisal administrator/prosecutor with IDFPR Thursday to find out what my next step is. This company owes me $5,400 (latest invoice is no 90+ days) and I am not letting this go. Needless to say I am done with them and the legal actions will start next.

  51. 51 /*On April 18th, 2012*/, Joanne Foose said:

    Does anyone have any other difficulties with this company? I needed additional time to complete an appraisal report, and called them on the morning that the report was due. They told me that they absolutely needed the report that day. I just asked them for 1 more day. They said they have plenty of appraisers, and can get someone else to inspect & complete the report on the same day that it was due. I never rush an appraisal just to meet time frames, and told them to go ahead and re-assign it.

  52. 52 /*On April 18th, 2012*/, Roman said:

    Guys do you have any contact/phones/emails to WAMU/Chase, all the work was for them.. We have not been paid as well for all work we did..if you have any recommendations, suggestions let me know..
    Thanks 215 688 3181

  53. 53 /*On April 18th, 2012*/, Jammer said:

    If I was close to them, ES, I’d be in their office raising hell and if no pay, I’d find a way to extract my payment Or “fun” to the extent they would be seriously worried about any other “crazed” appraiser coming to them DIRECT to get paid. I think they’d get the message if they feared for their livelyhood and safe working conditions ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. 54 /*On April 20th, 2012*/, Adam Gromko said:

    I was surprised to find this website. I too am left with outstanding invoices dating back to January 2012. After reading all of your comments, I am sending the letter referencing FIRREA, a copy of each engagement letter and my invoices to Washington Mutual / Chase. I do hope they do the right thing. I have my reservations. It would be nice if we could form an appraisers union to regain our control over the transaction. Until then, I will add ES to my list of do not use AMC’s which is growing.

  55. 55 /*On April 23rd, 2012*/, Todd said:

    Still no payment. Ain’t this fun…being treated like garbage? I’ve never experienced anything like this in 30 years of practice. I read your comments above, “Appraiser.” I’m game for further action.

  56. 56 /*On April 24th, 2012*/, dalton said:

    watch out for N.R.E.I.S. same ol song & dance, finally had to send them a warrant for monies owed. We didnt get a check Christmas and they said they had to “pick & choose” who they could pay. They worked out $1,100 per week with us until paid in full,,,stay away!!

  57. 57 /*On May 9th, 2012*/, Matt S said:

    have not been paid in about 2 months,owed alot of money. What legal action can I take right now? who do I go to?

  58. 58 /*On May 9th, 2012*/, EmJay said:

    If you really want to get paid, email the President and Operations guy…you will get paid; however, you will not receive any more work…I speak from experience.

  59. 59 /*On May 14th, 2012*/, Appraiser said:

    Follow up to above. I had an email from one of the people at ES that implicated them in the abuse that they treat the appriasers and undue pressures which could influence my appraisal. They cancelled my report due to the large difference in value from the other appraisal, also they stated that if the appraised values where not within 20% of each other they could not use my appraisal. I told them that they had a choice, I could send a letter to WAMU for collection, file a lein against the property and if I needed to file a civil complaint this suit would probably go national due to the borrowers public recognition or they send me a check for everything they owe me and we go our own ways. They sent a check the following week. I can’t believe the unprofessional workmanship of the company and that Washington Mutual continues to do business with them. Needless to say there are a lot of good companies out there that treat a person with respect and honesty to work for.

  60. 60 /*On May 21st, 2012*/, Daniel said:

    Hello, My company also is owed $1,825.00 from ES appraisals. No phone numbers, the email address for acounting is invalid. I think it is time all of us to contact the Flordia AG, Banking commission, and appraisal commission and have them shut down if no payment can be made.

  61. 61 /*On May 22nd, 2012*/, Marty said:

    Does anyone have phone numbers for ES Appraisal Services and contact names

  62. 62 /*On May 22nd, 2012*/, Rob Case said:

    They still owe about 2k, and it is amazing that since i last complained about geting paid have seen 0 orders since…

  63. 63 /*On May 23rd, 2012*/, Jose said:

    Have orders that are 90 days past due. Sent an e-mail to lcarter@evalonline.net & lcarter@appraisalservices.us.com received a partial payment. Not replying to follow up e-mail regarding remaining past due files. Considering billing Chase directly.

  64. 64 /*On May 25th, 2012*/, Marty said:

    I just recently signed up with ES Appraisal Service, they sent me two orders, later that day I came across this web site and read all of the issues of ES Appraisal Services not paying appraiser, so I tried to call and email them for two days following. I got no response and their phone mailboxes were full. So I dailed random numbers at their company and did reach one person who told me he could not give out any information about the company,even after I told him who I was. yesterday, I got a call from someone who assigns orders and told him that I needed more information and that I wanted things like their business license number and what I had been reading. He put another girl on the phone who was very rude, said that they don’t give out any information, so I asked for a manager she refused to get one and talked like she wasa a gangster from the Mob. Anyway, I called the client directly and let them know that I would not be completing these orders and that they needed to find another ACM. Shame on you Chase Bank, You should really screen the AMC you use.

  65. 65 /*On May 28th, 2012*/, TD said:

    DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT accept orders from ES Appraisal / EValonline
    There are tons of appraisers all over the country struggling to get paid. I finially got my check which paid out their account with me in full, and now I don’t accept orders from them any longer! If we ALL stop, maybe they will get put out of business, which is exactly what needs to happen to them!!!!

    For those of you who are still owed money, contact info I have collected;

    Lorie Carter
    Administrative Assistant

    * she will send you emails saying the check is “in process” and also that the check is “in the mail”. ALL LIES TO DELAY PAYMENT. And unless your phone message is threatening, she will not call you back.

    Melissa Rivers
    * no phone number available

    * NEVER responds to emails, and she is supposed to be the one handling payments.

    Jim Moore
    4800 Spring Park Road #7
    Jacksonville, FL 32207

    * is supposed to be the director of the joint and I have heard it said that he will take care of your complaints, however he did not respond to my email. I have also heard it said that once you complain to him, you will not receive any more orders.

    Jillian Glover
    Valuation Specialist
    (904) 288-2029

    Someone told me that they finially got paid after contacting Jillian. Note that her email is a different division….but it’s the same company.

    Good luck guys! BTW, after you know these people are NOT paying correctly, if you keep accepting their orders….NO MATTER THE VOLUME OR FEE….and get stuck when they go under, you have no one to blame but yourself. We tried to warn you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. 66 /*On May 29th, 2012*/, Daniel said:

    UPDATE……. In a follow up to my 05/21/2012 post, I did receive an email and a phone call from Lori Carter saying that the check was sent in april and am I sure I didnt get it. Hmmmmmmm wouldnt a well run company not see that it is cashed? I can’t afford to leave an $1,800 check laying around. Anyhow Explained to her in a very nice way that if a Fed Ex truck didnt come to my door by last friday i was contacting the banking commission, Florida Real Estate commission, The attorney general for the state, the lender directly and also was going to contact the homeowner’s for which I completed the work and tell them I was filing a lien for lack of payment of the appraisal and the homeowners I am sure would contact Chase. I did get a UPS second day notice of a shipped item from them and on friday did receive our full payment. One check was dated from April and the other on tuesday. Hope this helps others out there not getting paid. I of course am not taking anymore orders from them unless paid in advance.

  67. 67 /*On May 30th, 2012*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Thanks for the Update! I am sure that will help out a lot of appraisers.

    I really don’t know what is going on with this company, but it sounds crazy.

    Over at the Appraisers Club we are going to have a live webinar with a company that buys invoices. I am going to find out how they would handle the ES appraisal situation and if they would be interested in buying their invoices. I might do appraisals with them if I didn’t have to worry about getting paid.

    In this seminar we will have a guest speaker that will tell us all about FACTORING and how you can use it to get paid on your appraisal invoices today.

    For more information about our private appraisers club, please visit http://www.appraisersclub.com



  68. 68 /*On May 31st, 2012*/, Randy said:

    I am owed $3,320 from this company ranging from February through April 2012 for 15 orders. I have been calling my butt off trying to get someone to talk to me. I finally spoke to Brian Roller today at 904-288-2044 who advised me to update my W9. I updated my W9. Not sure if it will work. I sent emails to the people noted on this form. I tried calling Jim Moore but he didn’t answer. At this point I see them heading down the same track as AppraisalLoft and I refuse to be in that situation again. I will get paid one way or another. Jacksonville isn’t that far, my attorney has advised me to go there and file a small claims suit against them.

  69. 69 /*On June 3rd, 2012*/, EmJay said:

    I previously voiced my frustration and subsequent rage with lack of payment from ES on this website back in March or April. Month after month, unanswered and unreturned phone calls, unanswered emails…I was beyond frustrated and a little scared since they owed me in total, $8000, of that amount, $5000 was over due by more than 90 days. I had done so much work for them and I couldn’t pay my bills.I would literally take 1 day each week and dedicate the day to “chasing” down my money from the. When left with no other choice, I learned here to email the “suits” and I would get paid….I sure did, they paid me every single dime and then cut me off..no more orders, but yet did not cancel my website access; I later found out that if they did take me off their approved vendor list, it would make trouble for them. As I have seen here a couple of times, once you email this guy or a couple of others like him, you’re done. You get paid, but you will never see work again.
    4800 Spring Park Road #7
    Jacksonville, FL 32207
    Can that be legal? Is there any recourse? How can you deny work to someone who just simply wrote the director to get paid for work completed 90-120 days prior…IT’S INSANE!
    Chase has no problems with me, I continue to get work from them everywhere else…even though I got paid, I am so mad at myself for blowing off work from other good clients all those months that would not call me at 10pm on a Sunday night for status and would NEVER go longer than 45-60 days without paying me…hard lesson learned, never put all eggs in one basket regardless of the volume and pay. If it sounds to good to be true, it is.

  70. 70 /*On June 3rd, 2012*/, EmJay said:

    Forgot to ask….is there any way to contact Chase/Wamu about ES? Or is more likely that they know and don’t care? I’m just baffled that they would be involved with this kind of trash….all of their other AMC’s are respectable..
    also, they still owe me for one appraisal, would love to get paid for that and then truly be done with them once and for all.Maybe I need to email the the Grim Reaper again to get paid…I mean, what are they going to do, continue to not give me work?

  71. 71 /*On June 3rd, 2012*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Yeah, they have to be one of the dirtiest when it comes to not paying appraisers. It really does not make any sense.

    I have a feeling Chase/Wamu must know by now. Who knows why they would still deal with them. But if anyone has any ideas, please let us know here.

    And finally. We will be having a FACTORING webinar on 06/07/2012 at The Appraisers Club http://www.appraisersclub.com

    Get paid today and let them deal with the open invoices.


  72. 72 /*On June 13th, 2012*/, Judy Leach said:

    This isn’t good. I have received the same responses from ES — the checks in the mail! etc. The contact person in accunting, Laurie Carter, never returns calls and/or emails. I have not been paid for work I did in March 2012, April 2012, May 2012 and I can add June 2012 to my list. Every day I make calls and send emails. I could be writting a report with all the wasted time I spend bill collecting.

  73. 73 /*On June 14th, 2012*/, Andy said:

    I have one file from ES Appraisal service that hasn’t been paid since April 2012. After reading all the posts it looks like my appraisal instinct was correct. The one and only order was followed up by 12 phone calls from their people harrassing me several times a day until it was submitted. They called a few days later to order another one and I politely told them I cannot work with them because they are high maintenance. If anyone needs their work, I would suggest becoming a Cafe Barista instead.

  74. 74 /*On June 18th, 2012*/, Brent said:

    This company is horrible! Do not accept orders from these people. They will not pay you. There is no contact number to get ahold of them for a reason. Any order we have received from them has a contact name and number but no extension number, so you then have to go through a company directory to attempt to locate the indvidual and the people on the order do not exist. They are a nightnmare. We have been in contact numerous times and we are always told that we will have a check in a couple days. Still havent been payed!

    Lets ban together and show these people how we play! We as of recently have began to accept these orders and then simply dont complete them. They will give up calling after about three week. But hopefully it sets them back! (Note: They will call you everyday so if you dont want the headache of the phone ringing dont do this) When we talk to them we tell them it is alomst done over and over (just like how they are going to pay us).

    The funny thing is after them telling us that they wont use us anymore and likewise with us telling them the same, they will still call and order assignments.

  75. 75 /*On June 21st, 2012*/, Lori M said:

    I would like to thank you for posting this column. I have completed only 3 assingments, I only have 2 invoices over 60 days. After reading this, I will not be accepting any more orders. I didn’t know they weren’t paying us. Is there anyone we could report them to?

  76. 76 /*On June 25th, 2012*/, bill said:

    Thanks for the blog…I just fired them before I started working for them.

  77. 77 /*On June 25th, 2012*/, bill said:

    As a follow-up, does anyone have the contact at JP Morgan?

  78. 78 /*On June 25th, 2012*/, Rob Case said:

    Rcvd an email back from Lorie,”I will request accounting provide you with pay status for appraisals as soon as possible today”. Well that was on thursday no further repsonse. I have sent her emails everyday since awaiting a return call or email. Can not get in touch within anyone at that company always voice mail. Attorney General will accept a complaint and – oh wait they are calling me right now glory be….

  79. 79 /*On June 25th, 2012*/, Rob Case said:

    It is amazing I called the number for Jim Moore and rcvd a call back within 5 minutes from Lorie. They say they are going to pay me current and are going to UPS 2nd day the check. Now if I see or hear anything more from them I will be surprised since I contacted Jim Moore.

    4800 Spring Park Road #7
    Jacksonville, FL 32207

  80. 80 /*On June 27th, 2012*/, Judy said:

    I like many of you have not been paid in over 100 days. Made several calls, sent dozens of emails and had not received a response until I called Jim Moore 954-849-2544, late last night. This morning, I received a email from lcarter@evalonline.net (returning the several emails I had sent her since May 18th), saying my check would be sent out the end of this week. I will post here if it arrives!!! I WILL NOT BE TAKING ANY ADDITIONAL WORK FROM THEM.

  81. 81 /*On June 27th, 2012*/, EmJay said:

    @ Brent….you crack me up, what a perfect revenge for these guys. And Rob, you’re right, Jim Moore is the only way to get paid; now you will promptly be removed from their list of appraisers…which I’m sure you had removed yourself anyway!! I still have 1 unpaid invoice from March/April..6 emails to Lorie Carter, unanswered and unpaid; since they cut me off, I guess there is no damage in calling Mr Moore, is there? lol

  82. 82 /*On June 28th, 2012*/, Matt S said:

    Update from a month ago. I have been paid without calling Jim Moore and should be recieiving another check within a week to get me completly caught up. It’s ashame this has happened,because money issues aside this actually is a decent company to do work for. I’ve never had a problem with the people working there and the fee for each appraisal is good. Buuuuuuuuuut theirs that money issue. I know i’m in a small boat but i will still be taking (very few) orders from them, as overall they have always ended up paying me even if it almost causes me a stroke.Good luck to everyone still collecting

  83. 83 /*On June 29th, 2012*/, Tope Ojetunde said:

    Didn’t know Appraiser Loft was not paying Appraisers for jobs done. I have a personal experience to share with other Appraisers too. There is an AMC called RET Appraisals in Pennsylvania. They have refused to pay an outstanding $5,300 invoice from November 2011 till january 2012. I have called their office and they gave lied to me on many occassion and have also contacted Nationstar Mortgage about this. Got promises for a check until last month and nothing comes in the mail.

    Ok.. The discussion now is what is the goverment doing to make sure Appraisers dont get stiffed by these many clowns since we have to go through an intermediary to obtain a job as created by law now. And with lesser fees and more requirement, we still get exploited and unpaid for jobs done. C’mon, something needs to be done and quickly too.. I don’t see lawyers, doctors, engineers or other professionals going through a management company… Why is it Appraisal.

  84. 84 /*On July 1st, 2012*/, Judy said:

    With all of the notes posted here I thought I would go to some of the people who write articles for appraisers and ask the question “What legal things can a appraiser do – when AMC’s do not pay in a timely manner?”
    I wrote Ann O’Rouke. Her response was unhelpful and insulting. Then she posted in her June 20 newsletter: “Collecting from AMC’s”. She stated “Why don’t appraisers google the names of clients before accepting an assignment? Or google the name of questionable current clients? I have no idea why. Actually, I do know why. Fear of never getting another appraisal assignment and greed.”

  85. 85 /*On July 5th, 2012*/, Judy said:

    I received a check today! Took 4 months to get paid!! After I called Jim Moore, the process got rolling!! My decision is not to accept another order from them do to their poor overall service, let alone the long wait time to get paid!!

  86. 86 /*On July 9th, 2012*/, doug said:

    I got a check last week for a 4 digit bill. It did take 4 months. I am not letting them get too deep that is for sure. They have been offering good fees for quick turn times. but it will be one at a time for a while.

  87. 87 /*On July 13th, 2012*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I REALLY suggest that you check out FACTORING your invoices if you are going to continue to work with them.

    Check out: http://appraiserincome.com/2012/06/12/getting-paid-in-1-day-vs-30-60-90-or-never/

    You can join the Appraisers Club and watch the webinar on this as well: http://www.appraisersclub.com


  88. 88 /*On July 9th, 2012*/, Matt S said:

    I actually recieved another check from them last week,and it was recieved on time. Maybe I have just been lucky? I dont know, but like I said i probably will still be doing work for them. I know most of you dont like to hear that. They keep me very busy and have not stiffed me for any orders so far. I will keep everyone updated if things change.

  89. 89 /*On July 13th, 2012*/, sandiegohelp said:

    I REALLY suggest that you check out FACTORING your invoices if you are going to continue to work with them.

    Check out: http://appraiserincome.com/2012/06/12/getting-paid-in-1-day-vs-30-60-90-or-never/

    You can join the Appraisers Club and watch the webinar on this as well: http://www.appraisersclub.com


  90. 90 /*On July 10th, 2012*/, Dan said:

    Got check after 4 months…..

  91. 91 /*On July 11th, 2012*/, EmJay said:

    @ Matt
    You will regret taking work from them; you haven’t been totally screwed over,
    it’s just a matter of time. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when. Plenty of work and
    plenty of AMC’s out there right now that are paying the same as this pathetic excuse for a company…they count on people like you to keep coming back. It only hurts out industry when you do.

  92. 92 /*On August 9th, 2012*/, Debi said:

    90 Days and waiting to the tune of $1000+. I’m holding my breath – and rejecting requets from them.

  93. 93 /*On August 22nd, 2012*/, Todd said:

    Still waiting on payment of $1,500 for a commercial appraisal from January. Man am I ticked off. As soon as I have time, I will be calling the attorney generals office in their state and mine, the appraisal boards in their state and mine, and my attorney. Just been too busy later though, which is certainly a good thing.

  94. 94 /*On August 23rd, 2012*/, TD said:

    Bryan, I’m still in touch with appraisers in NC that are not getting paid by ES Appraisals/Evalonline. They finially paid me, but only after I emailed my NC Appraisal Board to file a complaint for non-payment and CC’d all the payment contact’s for ES Appraisal that I had. Then they sent me a check via 2 Day UPS delivery. After that, they have not sent me any more work. Which is good, because I would not accept it anyway. However, I hear from appraisers that are not yet signed up with them, that ES Appraisal is calling them directly by finding their information on appraiser websites, and trying to get them to register. They say because of blogs and posts like yours that they are NOT signing up. I also understand that ES Appraisal is currently under investigation for a complaint filed with the NC Appraisal Board. I’ll let you know if they get suspended from doing business in NC.

  95. 95 /*On August 23rd, 2012*/, TD said:

    By the way Bryan…..factoring invoices is NOT the solution. The solution is to STOP ACCEPTING WORK FROM ES APPRAISAL!!

  96. 96 /*On August 26th, 2012*/, Kevin Jackson said:

    Have billed for 3 appraisals completed in May and June. Same reply everytime, we will contact accounting and see what the problem is. But they still call almost everyday. But we wont take anymore new orders until we are paid. If not paid in the next 10 days, we will be filing a complaint with the attorney general of WV

  97. 97 /*On August 29th, 2012*/, Gary said:

    I have not been paid for 6 appraisal reports that were delivered in May and June. Hope to get paid soon. If not, I will contact mine and thier states reps.

  98. 98 /*On September 4th, 2012*/, Dennis said:

    I have been fighting with them for months to get the $4000 they owe me. They never answer the phone and get to the point where they will not return a phone call. I left a message for Jim Moore. Just got off the phone with Melissa Rivers. Her number is 904-288-2044. She says she only owes me $2850 and will send that tomorrow. I’ll wait and see.

  99. 99 /*On September 5th, 2012*/, garry nusinow said:

    I have completed 6 appraisals for these low lives and have also contacted their client, Washington/Mutual Chase and Appraisal uzz an appriaser advocate group, I think/thought, but to date no action just sympathy. I started receiving assignmentsa in late June of 2012 through July of 2012. I smelled something fishy almost and immediately and contacted the Lender and Appraisal BUZZ the third week into August 2012. Actually sent them engagement letters and pdf appraisal reports. Total fees being ripped off for is $2540.00. What can we do to stop this and alert oither appriasers to reject assignments from them? As you all know, can’t get near a live person to talk to due to their automated telephone maze; and emails have not been responded to.

  100. 100 /*On September 6th, 2012*/, Gary said:

    I would recommend all appraisers to contact your appraisal board to have this company shut down until payment full payment is made. In addition, contact your attorney general.

  101. 101 /*On September 12th, 2012*/, Frank Biggs said:

    They owe me over $2,600 I got a call from them today 09/11/2012 wanting another Appraisal. This takes guts. I told then sure send it up, & I will be glad to do it.

    It is due on 09/13/2012 Im Not doing a dam thing. When they call & want to know wher it is, I going to tell them when my check arrives for $2,600 & clears the bank. I will send them the Appraisal. Two can play the same game.

  102. 102 /*On September 19th, 2012*/, Tammy Wydra said:

    I have done close to 10 appraisals for this company. They have called me on a Sunday morning and asked if I could get a drive by done and back in by the afternoon. Like an idiot, I did this for them. This was in in April 2012. I accepted anything else they sent over over the past few months. My assistant calls them everyday to see where our payment is for these reports. They make false promises on a daily basis. The one supervisor claimed she “escalated” my payment situation so I could get paid faster. They owe me close to $4000.00 I called Chase today and wa unable to find the right person to contact.

  103. 103 /*On September 21st, 2012*/, Marty said:

    @94 Unfortunately not everyone can be warned about ES Appraisal and if they can keep the fee of 4-6 appraisals per appraiser they can scam a lot of money. What is even more disappointing is the fact that Washington Mutual, Chase and other clients continue to do business with ES Appraisal after all the complaints they get. Also, the state of Florida appears to be silent about this type of business practice. This chain link has been going on for some time now and I am sure if the fees were not paid to a state representative this would have been immediately taken care of and ES Appraisals would not be in business anymore.

  104. 104 /*On September 25th, 2012*/, Glenn said:

    ES Appraisal owes me $5500.00 and will not return calls or respond to e-mails. I should have known something was up when they loaded me down with work. Eventually they will not find anyone to work for them and in this area I have called all the appraisers I know to not accept orders from these low lifes! Also informed them of this site to confirm what I told them.

  105. 105 /*On October 3rd, 2012*/, Gary said:

    I finally got paid on my 6 appraisals that were performed on several months ago. I contacted the accounting dept and several others by email and phone everyday!! I also filed a compliant with our state board. In addition, I sent an email to all local appraisers warning them about this company. Good luck guys in getting paid!

  106. 106 /*On October 3rd, 2012*/, Jeff said:

    ES appraisal just started calling me to perform appraisals. Are there any new updates on people receiving payments by calling Jim Moore.

  107. 107 /*On October 24th, 2012*/, EmJay said:

    Unbelievable…after everything that happened; months without getting payed, being ignored for weeks on end, and on and on and on….these people still have the unmitigated gaul to keep calling me with orders! It’s like Alice in Wonderland…what’s up is down and what’s down is up! Freak show in Florida…lol

  108. 108 /*On October 26th, 2012*/, l fortin said:


  109. 109 /*On October 30th, 2012*/, Karen said:

    They keep asking for more and more revisions so they can keep from paying you. Even when you FINALLY do everything they ask, they don’t pay. Stay FAR FAR AWAY. Luckily, I smelled a rat pretty quick and cencelled the other order I had with them.

  110. 110 /*On November 2nd, 2012*/, Veronica Whitman said:

    I recieved a payment in Feb but they still owe me for 2. There are 2 things that I found has worked. One ia documenting the attempts made to get paid and then making a complaint to the state appraisal board and the other is sending a Certified Letter with invoices to the owner of the company.

  111. 111 /*On November 6th, 2012*/, EmJay said:

    The best thing any appraiser can do is to Google the name of any new AMC you plan to do any volume of work for; that’s how I found this thread, only it was too late…you will almost always find the info you need from sites like this or from AF; then you can make an informed decision or calculated risk;just looking at the most recent posts here indicates that appraisers new to doing work for ES/Evalonline are learning the hard way about this company…this post/thread dates back to last summer and gives you all the information you would need..ES and othe bottom feeders like them are counting on us to not help eachother out or keep eachother informed; they know that because we are independent contractors, that we only care about ourselves and not about the industry…that way, they can keep preying upon and feeding on other appraiser’s who have not done work for them before…they are laughing all the way to the bank and nobody is going to stop them but US!

  112. 112 /*On November 6th, 2012*/, Dennis said:

    I had to get crazy in order to collect for 13 past due invoices. They still owe me one from more than 4 months ago. I have been told “lied to” that the “check is in the mail.” I got the best action calling Lori Carter @ 904-288-2013

  113. 113 /*On November 6th, 2012*/, Dennis said:

    Call Jim Moore, owner of the company, @ 954-849-2544. You probably won’t talk to him but leave a message. He will then tell accounting to take care of it. He doesn’t want to be bothered by us pions.

  114. 114 /*On November 6th, 2012*/, Dennis said:

    … and keep calling him and keep calling him until you get action.

  115. 115 /*On November 9th, 2012*/, Bill J said:

    Turn in a report to the Flordia Attorney Generals Office.
    If they get enough they eventually have to check them out.

  116. 116 /*On November 16th, 2012*/, Frank C Previte said:

    I did an Appraisal for ES Appraisal service and was never paid. They said they would process the payment and send it out to me. two months have gone by and after repeated attempts to contact them I have had no results.

  117. 117 /*On December 3rd, 2012*/, Nancy Treadway said:

    Unfortunately, add my name to the list of unpaid appraisers for a total of $1150. This blog site was forwarded to me today. I had completed several assignments and received timely payment. However, after several conversations regarding status of payment, I was told the checks were being processed and overnighted. Once I did not receive payment, I continued to email and leave phone messages for any and all contacts I had with NO response. I have completed complaints with Better Business Bureau (can’t beleive there weren’t any there already), Florida Dept. of Prof. Reg and Florida Office of Financial Regulation. ES client was listed as Washington Mutual / Chase, 7301 Baymeadows Way, Jacksonville, FL. I left a message with Jim Moore today. Wish me luck!

  118. 118 /*On December 7th, 2012*/, Kent Ernst said:

    I am afraid I have become a new victim of ESAppraisal Services. I have never found any dealings with AMCs to be particularly pleasant but I have never had one fail to pay so late on the very first two orders. I am now trying to collect on these two invoices that total $1000 and are both over 120 days delinquent. Whether my collection efforts are successful or not, ESAppraisal Services are going to know that I am not the type of person that will walk away. It’s the principle of the thing.

  119. 119 /*On December 7th, 2012*/, L.G said:

    They keep asking for more and more unreasonable revisions so they can keep from paying you!!! They will not call you back!!! They will send you one revision after another and say it needs top be done in two hours or the report will be reassign to another appraiser or you willnot get paid for the original fail order.
    The current request is… guess what? Change the value!!!
    What are you telling me change the value or you will not get paid.

  120. 120 /*On December 7th, 2012*/, Kent Ernst said:

    I want to thank Dennis for the contact info. I left a message for the owner Jim Moore and then Lori Carter after having sent a letter of demand earlier that morning to their unresponsive accounting department. Lori actually called right back and has “promised” a check to go out no later than Monday. If I receive full payment this week, I’ll post the payment success. Thanks again Dennis. A funny side story is someone at ES called later that day to try and place an expensive ($1200) appraisal. I told him, “no problem as soon as they bring their account current and I receive payment in advance for the new order”. Probably won’t get that order but you never know.

  121. 121 /*On December 10th, 2012*/, Jason said:

    Numerous Past due appraisals. DO NOT PREFORM 1 Appraisal for this company.

  122. 122 /*On December 13th, 2012*/, tom k said:

    Eval owes me over $16,000 in past due appraisals going back 6 months. I am getting the typical run around. Dooes anyone know the direct phone number and contact person for Washington Mutual/Chase in Jacksonville FLA. All my appraisals are for “bidding instructions” and are vary high end homes up to $5M. I think they are for “work out”. I would like to call WAMU and tell them that Eval is not paying and that i am going to put on Mechanics leans on these properties. Any advice.

  123. 123 /*On December 17th, 2012*/, Ovidio Fleites said:

    Bad experience with E.S. Appraisals. I have 8 invoices dating back to August 2012. I have called, e mailed without any response. Had an argument with one of the girls assigning orders, who would not switch me to a supervisor. Currently e-mailing them almost on a daily basis, not sure anyone reads those e-mails. Since I’m in Orlando I’m considering driving up to Jacksonville, otherwise I will sue them. What bothers me most is 1) not getting paid for the work performed and 2) the number of calls after the order was accepted by me…Did you call the borrower?….did you get the appointment?…..did you inspect the property?…The last time I was contacted for an order I refused…has anyone filed complaints against them? Has anyone thought of starting a boycott similar to Landsafe a year or so ago? I will certainly join in.

  124. 124 /*On December 17th, 2012*/, Kent Ernst said:

    I would like to report that ESAppraisal Services kept their promise to pay even after receiving shipping information that a payment went out Monday 12/10 but I can’t. It was just the old “checks in the mail” scam to put me off from calling every day. It is now back to square one of harassment calls, letters and the beginning of formal collection procedures.

  125. 125 /*On December 18th, 2012*/, tom k said:

    Still no pay. I have spoke with several other appraisers who are in the same boat. I am going to turn up the heat on thesse guys and hire a lawyer.

  126. 126 /*On December 19th, 2012*/, Tammy Kurutz said:

    I too am wanting to get an attorney I feel if a group of appraisers work together maybe something will happen, let me know if you are interested.

  127. 127 /*On December 19th, 2012*/, Shelly J said:

    Same ol same ol. ES owes me over $6,000 for appraisals dating back to August 2012. I have called and emailed invoices to Jim Moore, L Carter, and all the processors who sent the assignments. I think ES is short for Ebanezer Scrooge!

  128. 128 /*On December 19th, 2012*/, Brennan Breene said:

    ES Appraisal AKA Evalonline are a complete sham. They owe me $1,000 and several other appraisers I know $600 to a whopping $7,000. If anyone wants to call me my number is 412-257-8400 and my email is bbreene@visitireland.com. I know one appraiser that was owed $1,000 and he flooded them with emails and faxes and finally got paid. I have managed to get through to them a couple of times by email and phone but they just give me a bunch of BS and excuses. It has been over 4 months and not one dime. The one appraiser they owe $7,000 to said they have owed him this for 9 months. I called Chase in New York City and they asked me to send information about this to them and they would look into this. I will try to post all I have found out on this in the next few days. I have spent an entire day fooling around with this crap and these people are of A. H.

  129. 129 /*On December 19th, 2012*/, Brennan Breene said:

    I meant to say at the end of my email that they are a bunch of A. H. These are the letters to a two word phrase for a place where the pooh comes out.

  130. 130 /*On December 19th, 2012*/, Brennan Breene said:

    And, the sun doesn’t shine………

  131. 131 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, Lindsey Valdez said:

    I just got an email that they are ceasing operations.

  132. 132 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, Dennis said:

    Who has info on who to contact at Chase?

  133. 133 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, Fred Harrington said:

    They owe me $3,400! I just got the same email from an attorney’s office (see below):

    Inquiries regarding Evaluation Solutions, ES Appraisal Services should be sent via email for quickest response.
    Due to the heavy phone volume, please send an email with details of your inquiry to brm@stmlaw.net.
    Thank you,
    Bradley R. Markey
    Stutsman Thames & Markey, P.A.
    50 N. Laura Street, Suite 1600
    Jacksonville, Florida 32202

  134. 134 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, Ovidio Fleites said:

    I got the same e-mail. I requested information from the legal firm representing them….we were scammed….

  135. 135 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, Adam Henry said:

    Thought state regulation would have stopped this! I have several thousand $ outstanding, with contacts started with Chase for help on this. I will be all in if anyone wants to push this legally. I will be notifying the state board that regulates AMC’s, (probably the appraisal commission – it is here in TN), notifying the Consumer Protection commission and letting the Attorney General know about this. They KNOWINGLY were ordering appraisals with no intent on paying for them. Chase must have seen this problem coming. I am new to this ES Appraisal nightmare, but will not rest until this is seen through. Bankruptcy protection cannot prevent criminal prosecution.

  136. 136 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, Dan said:

    wow, anyone please post any contact information to recover past invoices. (to my understanding, if ES APPRAISAL goes under, is there any other way to recover fees from the past, IM NOT familiar with the legal system) THANKS good luck to all ๐Ÿ™

  137. 137 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, Dennis said:

    ES is closed. I think we’re all screwed.

  138. 138 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, EmJay said:

    Yes, they are done, but they should have been gone a long time ago; what a travesty. I would go so far as to label the enitre cast and crew, not just the owners, but all of them are pathological liars with no morals,no conscience, and and no shame..the fact of the matter is, that they all did it, not just Jim M and his cronies…if these order pushers had one ounce of dignity, they would not have stayed as long as they and lied as much as they did..Good Riddance to really, really, really bad rubbish.
    Bryan K. posted the contact info in here today…whoever is representing the em effers
    is taking emails from appraisers. I have the info if you need it; the cease operations email just
    came at 5pm Eastern time today. He kept it short and sweet…..operations are ceasing due to “unforeseen circumstances” what a joke…so what now? do they lock their doors, turn off the phones, and pop up again in 2 months as another AMC but with a different name? I just called the main line: 904-288-2004..ironically, their phones are still on….if there is anything i can do on anyone’s behalf who has not been paid….testify, give information, I will.

  139. 139 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, Cathy said:

    I just heard today that they are done. I’ve only done one and they did pay $450 for a 2055. BUT I needed to go back and get a photo of the street sign. I put them off as a normal 2055 is 23 pages and the one that I sent to them with all the BS was 48 pages, I still had to go back and get a photo of the street sign, I also included a pic of the mail box and house number. They promise huge money if I would have done it right away, I BS them for two weeks before sending them the new pics. It was fun, as I had read google and knew that they were slow pays and I even sent them posts from google about it. They said that you can’t believe all you read. I was never concerned about getting paid or I wouldn’t have done it in the first place. Google all new clients prior to working for them. I did, and wasn’t concerned when I would get paid as I had already decided not to work for them in the future or any other company that has Chase for a client. DO NOT DO ANY WORK FOR CHASE. It is a scam, just as WAMU turned out to be. I seldom work for an AMC, unless sent from a friend. In WA State, if they don’t pay within 90 days, we get 3 times the invoice amount. I am waiting, Chase will pay, our Appraisal Dept if the best, Cathy

  140. 140 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, Cathy said:

    PS Chase in Florida is 904-296-1943, also, contact your state and file a complaint. Chase doesn’t want to get their license pulled, In WA if they don’t pay within 90 days, they lose their license.

  141. 141 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, OHAppraiser said:

    We received one order in early 2012 and they paid quickly. We then started getting from two to ten calls per day and eventually took on a couple of 2055 exteriors at $450 each! They even promised to pay $1,000 for a rush 1004!! Now I see why they were offering such fees—since they had no intent to pay! I am always leary of an AMC that comes on strong like ES did. I am just glad we cut our losses by declining literally hundreds of assignments from these people. With the company now defunct we may actually get more work done! Fewer calls for fee and turn time from ES!!!

  142. 142 /*On December 20th, 2012*/, Dan said:


  143. 143 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, j c said:

    contacted nys dept of appraisal dept
    if the management company go bankrupt
    there is nothing you can do
    lawyer said the same thing

  144. 144 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, Gary Marsh said:

    I have called and emailed for Months. As Brennan has said they NEVER respond or if they do it takes forever. I am owed $1,000’s. I trusted them for months. All they do lie. Does anyone know or have a contact as Chase for help

  145. 145 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, Gary Marsh said:

    We need a contact number for Chase!!!

  146. 146 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, tom k said:

    I got the same Email they owe me over 16K. I hope Chase does the right thing and pays us.

  147. 147 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, Cindy said:

    Yes if someone can find out who to contact with a complaint about a rouge management company. Our company in PA got ripped off too. Thankfully only one order. However it was alot of work and we told them we did not want to work for them after that one order because our business line rang non-stop after joining them. We told them they cannot tie up our phone line that way. Constant harrassment to accept orders not even in our area.

  148. 148 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, Wild Man Joe 77 said:

    James A MOORE, JAMES MOORE, Bryan Guckavan, Patriot Outsourcing Services, Corporation, Evaluation Solutions of N.E. Florida, LLC,Evaluation Solutions, LLC, THE ABOVE ARE ATTACHED TO THESE COMPANIES. CALLING CHASE WILL POST RELEVANT INFO

  149. 149 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, Wild Man Joe 77 said:

    SEND INVOICES TO accounts.payable.research.team@jpmchase.com this is for chase only.

  150. 150 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, sandiegohelp said:

    Thanks Wild Man Joe!!!

  151. 151 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, tom k said:

    Wild Man, where did you get this? Will they pay?? My office manager got a call from a Chase guy today who is investigating complaints from appraisers about ES I think they are looking to cover their a”?? I did not talk with him however I did contact Chase “Chief Appriaser” on the 18 before this happened complaining about non payment.

  152. 152 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, tom k said:

    that e mail is no good

  153. 153 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, Wild Man Joe 77 said:

    Law office useless represents ES. Was told they fileing chapter 7 in weeks. File complaint with Florida. See how they will handle this. Since they new they were going under file complaint with US attorneys Office for any wrong doing (giving orders knowing they would not pay). Call FBI since this an inter state problem The states are usually useless. Need Exposure need to bring down Management Companies. HSVCC did nothing for us but cut good source revenue for the honest people and cut our fees. For the few bad we paid a big price. We need control and we need to make a stand. We can us ES as our puppet. There were others to like ES. We need to get this out in the open. The only way is to band together. I bet there is a lot of money unpaid.

  154. 154 /*On December 21st, 2012*/, Dan said:


  155. 155 /*On December 22nd, 2012*/, Mike Smiley said:

    I spoke with Chase about this situation. They are saying they paid E S for all the appraisals ordered, which we know is b.s. and they will not be paying any claims. The contact at Chase is Brian Rees 972-444-3242. He was empathetic, however he can not say anything due to his legal department telling him to keep his trap shut. These guys screwed me out of $7k and from what I am reading, several other people many thousands of dollars. The only way we are going to get paid is by hiring an attorney to file a class action law suit against Chase directly. The claim no repsonsibility, however they hired this company to disburse appraisals which in my opinion makes them totally responsible. It is amazing to me that after bailing out these banks, they are still the same people running them, only care about themselves. I think if we all ban together we can get them to pay us.

  156. 156 /*On December 22nd, 2012*/, tom k said:

    I think we need to get a list of all contacts at Chase who were involved in hiring ES and bombard them with phone calls and emails demanding payment and holding them personally resopnsable for payment. I am owed $17K and I know of an appraiser who is owed double that.

  157. 157 /*On December 23rd, 2012*/, Gary Marsh said:

    I am agreement with alot of the actions WE all should take. We cant let this go. Chase does not want the bad publicity, hiring attorneys and possibly a boycott of appraisers not doing their appraisals due to non payment. There was recently an AMC that went under. Midwest bank made good the appraisal fees. Chase is the largest in the country. I think they can afford it. We cannot let this go.

  158. 158 /*On December 25th, 2012*/, Gary Marsh said:

    I also agree that we implicate the individuals who ordered these appraisals and they all promised that we will get paid Their comments were we are the largest AMC vendor for Chase and you will get paid. They also said were have been in business for years and we are very strong financial. All LIES

  159. 159 /*On December 26th, 2012*/, Jim said:

    Esappraisalscam.com has a lot of info

  160. 160 /*On December 28th, 2012*/, William Furney said:

    I agree i am one of the suckers who is owed $73,000 in unpaid invoices. I thought they were good for it when they owed me a large sum of around $46,000 and paid up. So I let it go and then this happens. I have several appraisers in my company that I have paid already for the work they have done so not only am I owed I paid to get robbed. Something must be done about this. I am a small company and can not take that kind of hit. Please if anyone knows anything else let me know. I can be contacted @ http://www.a-techappraisal.com I have sent the following to many Chase members:
    The client (Washington Mutual/Chase) must pay when an AMC does not. USPAP is clear on this point. “The issue of responsibility for payment seems to be in question. I am providing you with my research to assist you in understanding the legal precedence that I will use to pursue collection.”

    1) You are required under FDIC Rules and Regulations Minimum Appraisal Standards #323.4 to use a state-licensed appraiser for this loan.

    2) State-licensed appraisers are required to identify the client and the intended user by USPAP. This was done by obtaining the information from your agent. The client (Washington Mutual/Chase) is documented in the client section of the appraisal that is part of your file.

    3) You are required by federal law and rule (FIRREA) to contract with a state-licensed appraiser either directly or through an agent. See 323.5(b). You may not contract with a party that is not a state- licensed appraiser or it’s DBA. So Evaluation Services/ES Appraisal, a regulated AMC, is either your agent or you have violated this provision of law.

    4) The Appraisal Foundation, in USPAP Client Issue #93, defines the payment by a party other than the client as: the act of the borrower or any other entity paying the appraiser does not make them the client under USPAP. Therefore your position that payment from the borrower to your agent somehow changes the vendor/client relationship is incorrect.

    5) The transaction took place between (A-Tech Appraisal Co., LLC) as the appraiser legal entity and (Washington Mutual/Chase) as the client. Evaluation Services/ES Appraisal acted as your agent to order, review and assure compliance with your specific requirements.

    6) You received our product and utilized it to conduct your lending business. You received an invoice stating our (A-Tech Appraisal Co., LLC) name and address, your (Washington Mutual/Chase) name and address and a description of the product and the amount due. An invoice is a legal demand for payment.

  161. 161 /*On January 6th, 2013*/, Tom Stanton said:

    I’ve done appraisals for almost 3 years for WAMU/Chase and ES Appraisal Services. High fees and very long waits for payment was always the norm. They finally paid what they owed me last year after I kept calling and calling and emailing and waiting, then finally contacting someone at our State Licensing board about the problem. I waiting for over 6 months, and around July 2012 was finally paid around $9,300 which I was owed. I started doing regular work again for them Oct-Dec.2012 and am now owed just under $12,000, as of the announcment of their filing BK in late Dec. 2012. I spoke with William (Bill) Furnley in RI, who states in this blog that is owed $73K. He seems to be taking on a leadership role, so I will be staying in contact with him. I am friends with 4-5 other appraisers in California and also Texas who will likely follow us as well. I am hoping we can organize a class action suit, to help keep legal costs in check. I will fly to Florida if necessary, and add those travel expenses to my claim. Maybe doing that would help make an appropriate exclaimation point on how much this has inconvenienced and affected hard working Appraisers, simply trying to earn an honest living and support our families. I heard 60 minutes was producing a segment on AMC’s last year. I didn’t get to see it. Maybe it has already aired. We could contact them, as the often have follow ups to past segments. Does anyone know about that? Does this stuff sound like the kind P.R. JP Morgan Chase wants to be put in front of the main stream public eye? Feel free to contact me at tsappraisal@yahoo.com. 805-815-3465.

  162. 162 /*On January 8th, 2013*/, Ovidio Fleites said:

    Any news from E.S. Is anyone taking any legal action?…Is anyone interested in getting together to hire a Florida R.E. attorney?

  163. 163 /*On January 27th, 2013*/, Gary Marsh said:

    Yes I am interested in hiring attorney It doesnt have to be a FL atty.

  164. 164 /*On February 1st, 2013*/, Ovidio Fleites said:

    Has anyone else been contacted by Mr. Brian Rees – Chase – 972 444 3242. He informed me that as of now Chase will not be paying for the past invoices since they already paid E.S. He also said that he would be contacting all the appraisers….Chase is still investigating….

  165. 165 /*On February 1st, 2013*/, TD said:

    UPDATE; ES Appraisal Bankruptcy $11,048,411.97 = how much failed Evaluation Solutions and its subsidiary entity ES Appraisal Services have left in combined unpaid fees.

    Read this article by an attorney who has seen ES Appraisal’s bankruptcy documents.


  166. 166 /*On February 18th, 2013*/, TD said:

    UPDATE: 02/18/2013 – ES Appraisal 1099’s
    Just wanted to share some information….
    I emailed the attorney that is handling the bankruptcy for ES Appraisal to inquire about whether 1099’s would be sent out. His response:

    The Trustee in the bankruptcy case hired an accountant to assist with preparing the 1099โ€™s. Last I heard, they expected to get them out by the end of the month.

    Thanks, BRAD

    Bradley R. Markey
    Stutsman Thames & Markey, P.A.
    50 N. Laura Street, Suite 1600
    Jacksonville, Florida 32202
    (904) 358-4000
    (904) 358-4001 (Facsimile)

  167. 167 /*On February 22nd, 2013*/, L.G said:

    I did not get paid for the December order as many of us. The person representing Chase is David K Fairbanks. David.K.Fairbanks@chase.com 1-407-257-0669 .ES appraisals are not answering calls. They went through Bankruptcy as of Dec 18th 2012. They were ordering appraisals when they were aware that they were not going to pay for them. Chase is trying to wash their hands saying that they paid for the appraisals. We need to create a system that will make the banks responsible for the payment if the AMC’s do not pay within 30 days. We need to get together to protect each other in the future. Realtors do it and so can we. An attorney sounds good and news as well.

  168. 168 /*On March 28th, 2013*/, TD said:

    For those appraisers located in Kentucky that are owed money by ES Appraisal, follow the link below:

  169. 169 /*On April 17th, 2013*/, SBass said:

    I need your help. Does anyone have a Bank Account number for MetLife?

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